2022 Annual Report | DIGEST

2 OUR EXPERTISE: health G lobally, countless deaths could be prevented if affordable health services and interventions were more readily available for everyone, especially women and girls. “The poorer that people are, the less likely they are to receive health care,” says Dr. Tanjina Mirza, chief programs officer at Plan International Canada. “The face of poverty is female, with girls and women disproportionally affected. Our 16 2022 Annual Report | DIGEST

47% of our FY22 program expenditures

projects support quality maternal, newborn and child health services, sexual and reproductive health rights, safe water and hygiene as well as the prevention and treatment of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.”

Improve the availability and management of medicines and equipment. Train health care providers to deliver gender- and adolescent-responsive and inclusive health services. Bring health services and information closer to remote communities and vulnerable populations.

To help strengthen health systems, we:

Support the rehabilitation of health facilities.

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