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This is what we do We strive to create a world where children, especially girls, learn, lead, decide and thrive. We tackle the root causes of gender inequality. We work with local governments and partners to advocate for children and develop programs that support them in their right to get an education and be healthy and protected from violence. We develop children’s leadership skills and their ability to earn a living when they grow up. We’re also there for them when crises strike. And we stay with them to help build a healthy, safe and sustainable life. To achieve these goals, our programs focus on our five priority areas of expertise.

voices to ensure that girls are included in decision making that affects their lives. More on page 24 .

1. EDUCATION We help local education authorities and communities to ensure that children and young adults have access to a quality education. We provide preschool classes as well as vocational and entrepreneurial training and help students catch up if they have been out of school due to conflict or crisis. We’re experts at providing education in emergencies. More on page 12. 2. HEALTH We work with local authorities to strengthen their health care systems. We train community health workers so that they can provide timely, effective and appropriate care to adolescent girls and women. We support reproductive health care services and also help prevent and treat HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, COVID-19 and other illnesses. We help individuals assert their right to access health services and critical care. More on page 16. 3. PROTECTION FROM VIOLENCE We support programs that keep children, especially girls, safe by helping prevent practices such as child, early and forced marriage, female genital mutilation and other gender-based violence. We amplify girls’


Our programs help youth in Canada (age 14 to 24) deepen their knowledge and develop their advocacy skills around global issues.Internationally, programs like our financial-literacy training and savings and loan groups help build economic empowerment. As with all of our programs, we work with communities and youth-led movements to challenge harmful ideas that prevent gender equality. More on page 28. In emergencies, we provide food and cash vouchers and create safe spaces for children. We deliver education programs, nutritional training and clean water and sanitation. We offer sexual and reproductive health rights services to address increased risks of child marriage, adolescent pregnancy and sexual violence. We also equip communities to protect themselves from economic shocks and increase their resilience to climate change and other challenges. More on page 36. 5. HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE AND RESILIENCE

This is what’s next Plan International has a new five-year strategy – All Girls Standing Strong – to reach 200 million children by 2027. Plan International Canada is committed to reaching 30 million of these children .

2022 Annual Report | DIGEST 11

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