2022 Annual Report | DIGEST

1 OUR EXPERTISE: education G etting an education is the most powerful way for girls to overcome inequality. It’s also one of the most powerful ways to reduce child marriage and, indirectly, early child-bearing. “Even before COVID-19, millions of children worldwide were unable to attend school,” explains Dr. Tanjina Mirza, chief programs officer at Plan International Canada. “Additional factors such as poverty, gender inequality and emergencies like the hunger crisis, earthquakes, floods and conflict 12 2022 Annual Report | DIGEST

10% of our FY22 program expenditures

further prevent girls and boys from accessing this basic right.” A lack of education limits children’s opportunities, and not having a safe place to spend their days leaves them at a heightened risk of disease, abuse and exploitation, child marriage, adolescent pregnancy and more. To break barriers to getting an education, we: Support early-childhood learning and development programs.

Facilitate accelerated-learning programs, where children who have missed periods of schooling are given a chance to catch up and eventually re-enter formal schools. Establish education savings groups and offer teacher training that addresses the needs of girls. Provide skills training so youth can earn a living to support themselves.

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