2022 Annual Report | Full Edition


COVER STORY I PHOTO ESSAY Tanyaradzwa’s determination to overcome daunting challenges shows how the power of perseverance can shape one’s life; plus, the launch of our new Embedded Storytellers pilot program, which champions storytelling from a local perspective 5/ Humanitarian Response & Resilience Our expertise in humanitarian response & resilience SPOTLIGHT The top 10 hunger hot spots in the world SPOTLIGHT How our education-in-emergencies program in Kenya and Nigeria is helping girls stay in school PROGRAMS SPOTLIGHT Our food-assistance, cash-transfer and school-meals programs in Nigeria, Myanmar and Sierra Leone SPOTLIGHT Hope and humanity in Ukraine, plus one woman shares how she and her son are building a new life IMPACT SPOTLIGHT How our policy, advocacy and public-engagement efforts made a difference in 2022; the Together for Learning Summit and what we’re doing on the world stage

4/ Youth Leadership & Economic Empowerment

3/ Protection From Violence Our expertise in protection from violence NEWS FEED How Plan International is working with transgender activists in El Salvador to protect their rights




Our expertise in youth leadership



PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT The five programs we offer youth in Canada: Girls Belong Here, Champion of Change Clubs, Speakers Bureau, Youth Council and The Power Within STORIES OF CHANGE Riti, a Girls Belong Here participant, breaks out of her comfort zone

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SPOTLIGHT Because I am a Girl update



IMPACT SPOTLIGHT How Adaya avoided a forced child marriage in Bangladesh


A group of girls in Somalia make their way to school


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SPOTLIGHT How minds are shifting about child marriage in Ethiopia

SPOTLIGHT Youth council member Jennifer shares her number one piece of advice for young people

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REPORT CARD Combatting early marriage in Bangladesh

Supporters & Champions


Our expertise in economic empowerment


SPOTLIGHT How SWEET it is! Women in Egypt develop their entrepreneurial skills in the carpet industry NEWS FEED The Women’s Voice and Leadership project helps Ghana’s Queen Mothers reclaim their place I MPACT SPOTLIGHT Youth in Colombia built business skills to develop economic independence and challenged gender stereotypes in the process. REPORT CARD Leading for Peace in Colombia project SPOTLIGHT How entrepreneurial training in El Salvador is inspiring HIV patients to take their medication and focus on living a full life

Our generous supporters



EVENTS SPOTLIGHT We celebrate virtually and in person to express our thanks


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Legacy supporters


SUPPORTER SPOTLIGHT Why three supporters joined Plan International Canada’s efforts to create a more just world

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Institutional partners




Strategic Moves Looking back: 20 Million Reasons strategy highlights Looking forward : All Girls Standing Strong strategic plan

How donations reach communities

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92 93 95

Girls learning about their sexual and reproductive health rights in Bangladesh

Revenue and expenditures

Why we report our financials the way we do

The Last Word

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