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How We Persevered What it means to learn, lead, decide and thrive in a world in turmoil in 2022.

1. BUILD BACK BETTER Creating a hybrid workplace is challenging and we didn’t always get it right, but our Build Back Better Task Force gathers staff input so we can learn, grow and adapt. 2. MORE INCLUSIVE In 2022, we did staff surveys, adapted policies and held workshops to further nurture our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. Our executive management team took 20 hours of power, privilege and bias training. Organizations and individuals have blind spots. It’s a lifelong journey of learning, unlearning and action. 3. DATA-DRIVEN DECISION MAKING To be agile, we know we want to improve how we use leading indicators to make more timely data-informed strategic decisions to support sustainable impact. 4. IMPACTFUL STORYTELLING Our program monitoring and evaluation is rigorous, but we haven’t shared our impactful stories and results in enough detail. This Annual Report is a reflection of this goal.

C OVID-19, the hunger crisis, humanitarian crises, the climate crisis, the crisis in Ukraine, inflation... The world is swirling around us, and this can feel overwhelming. But despite everything, Plan International Canada persevered – and stood strong – in fiscal 2022. We did it with the help of our generous supporters, our passionate staff and committed community partners and participants from around the world. We’re forever grateful. Tanyaradzwa (page 66), who graces the cover of this Annual Report, also persevered. This image was taken by Joshua Kumunda, a photographer in Zimbabwe who participated in our new Embedded Storytellers program (page 69). It captures the theme of perseverance, which permeates every chapter. Watch the beautiful video by Kingston Musanhu about Tanyaradzwa. Spending the day with her at school was “life changing,” says Musanhu. “It took me back to times when I went to school and didn’t receive such life- saving interventions. We were not even allowed to talk about sexual health, let alone condoms.” In this year’s Annual Report, you will read impactful stories about program participants, supporters, youth activists in Canada and Plan International

Canada staff. We explain the breadth and depth of the work that we do and how we measure impact. There are also videos and impact reports you can view and download. (If you’re reading the full digital version, click the embedded links; for the printed Digest version, scan the QR codes.) WHAT WE’RE ESPECIALLY PROUD TO SHARE This year we completed two programs that changed the lives of millions of children and their families. On page 36, we report on the remarkable changes to maternal and child health care with our six-and-a-half year Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women project. This $72+ million project was supported by Global Affairs Canada with $11.6 million in matched funds from individual Canadian donors. It changed the birth story in Bangladesh, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria and Senegal for more than 1.5 million mothers and children. On pages 62 and 86, we report on the changes we achieved in our five-year Leading for Peace project in Colombia. Global Affairs Canada provided $18.5 million, and we contributed $1.8 million in matched funding from supporters. Throughout the report, we share the progress we’re making in everything from tackling child,

early and forced marriage in Bangladesh (page 52) to addressing gender relations in Bolivia (page 31).

HERE ARE PEOPLE WE’D LIKE YOU TO MEET Plan International worked with more than 52.2 million children and youths in 80+ countries in 2022. Let us introduce you to some of them. Mayday is one of more than 40 sponsored children who picked up a camera to share their stories and show us around their communities. Don’t miss our interactive video map (page 19). Rehema overcame a harrowing commute to school with support from our Keeping Adolescent Girls in School project in Tanzania (page 24). Acina survived childbirth when she was transported to a hospital in a motorcycle ambulance provided by the Healthy Women and Girls project in Mozambique (page 33). We share more resilient stories in Protection From Violence ( Ingrid , page 50), Youth Leadership and Economic Empowerment ( Jennifer , page 59) and Humanitarian Response and Resilience, ( Ramla , page 74).

BEST MATES This photo of two little friends in Bolivia beautifully captures the need to look to the future but also face the present challenges head-on with courage and optimism. In this report, we share the success of our five-year 20 Million Reasons strategy (page 92) and our new global five-year strategy, All Girls Standing Strong (page 93).

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