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“We do fairy-tale therapy, drawing and singing. Singing is especially useful because children can detach themselves from where they are and what they have gone through.” – Maria, a psychologist in our Moldovan mobile unit

479,792 COMMUNITY MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEERS AND 87,261 STAFF in partner organizations and institutions were trained in child protection




21 million children and adults were reached through gender-sensitive child-protection programs

6.7 million children and adults gained skills and had opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship

28.7 million children and adults , including 7.9 MILLION GIRLS , were helped through our work with communities experiencing crises

Karelys, 8, participates in Plan International’s Safe Routes (Rumbos Seguros) project in Tumbes, Peru. Its goal is to ensure the safety and integration of Venezuelan

In Moldova, Plan International is working with the National Centre for Preventing Child Abuse to provide child protection and psychosocial support. Maria, a psychologist in

For young people in Guinea, finding decent work isn’t easy. Like many countries in Africa, it has a young population, with 75% of its 13 million citizens under age 35. In a society in which age commands respect, Guinean youth struggle to access quality education and find employment. Plan International set up a youth-employment project to address this issue. Youssouf, 21, dropped out of school early but is now apprenticing in a boilermaker’s workshop. Learn more about our youth-leadership and economic-empowerment programs on page 28.

migrants living in Peru. The project focuses on protecting children, adolescents and families from violence, abuse and exploitation. We strengthen child-protection structures and respond to child-protection incidents. Learn more about our protection-from-violence programs on page 24.

our mobile unit, works with children like Milana, above. Maria fled Ukraine, so she understands what it’s like when conflict uproots your life. Learn more about our humanitarian-response and resilience programs on page 36.

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