2022 Annual Report | DIGEST

4 OUR EXPERTISE: youth leadership & economic empowerment YOUTH LEADERSHIP “ One of the significant developments in our programming for youth in Canada was that it connected young people around the world,” says Anjum Sultana, director of youth leadership and policy advocacy. It began with the Storytellers Symposium on menstrual-health equity in May, which was the first Plan International Canada global event. “We received registrations from around the world, and Plan International Nigeria youth- engagement staff also made presentations,” she says. “This is something that Plan International Canada offers young people that’s unique, which is exciting.” Youth also focused their efforts on global issues that cut across borders, such as climate change. 28 2022 Annual Report | DIGEST

10% of our FY22 program expenditures

ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Financial stability means you can have a game plan for your life. “Without reliable and secure opportunities for work and access to banking and other basic financial services, it becomes exponentially harder for individuals to pull themselves and their families out of poverty,” explains Dr. Tanjina Mirza, chief programs officer at Plan International Canada. “Women and girls face even greater obstacles to achieving this kind of stability, and it has a ripple effect across generations. Individuals without sufficient income or the financial tools to expand their livelihoods and endure financial shocks are also less able to keep their children, especially girls, healthy and in school.”

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