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As a child growing up in Pakistan, Maryam Murat-Khan recognized the challenges faced by other children, especially girls, when it came to accessing clean water and education. Years later, in Canada, she faced discrimination when she trained as a pilot in a male-dominated field. That’s why Maryam is passionate about supporting girls as a child sponsor and why she wants to ensure that her impact as a legacy supporter sustains future generations. To create SUPPORTER SPOTLIGHT GIRLS TAKE FLIGHT


Estate of Brenda J. Protheroe

Legacy Donors We are honoured to recognize the following kind and caring individuals who made a contribution to Plan International Canada through their estate between July 2021 and June 2022. Their legacy continues to improve lives. We are most grateful for their generosity.


Estate of Ernest Reinhold

Cody Slater and Bernadette Geronazzo

Estate of John Edward Roberts

Stober Foundation

LEADING FOR PEACE We’ve all gotten rather accustomed to marking milestone events virtually, which is why in June we chose to celebrate the completion of our five-year Leading for Peace project in Colombia with a virtual fiesta. We invited our colleagues from Plan International Colombia, supporters like George Loewen and his partner, Clara Anderson, and Maria Paula Calvo from Global Affairs Canada. We were We gathered virtually and in person to celebrate and express our thanks.

Estate of Manfred Rockel

Dala Taher

Estate of Edward W. Rowe

Richard E. Taylor

Estate of Andree M. Scott

The Body Shop

Estate of Margaret Caroline Shawyer

The Honey & Leonard Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation

Estate of Rhona Goodspeed

Estate of Gloria M. Alcock

Estate of Constance A. Sheward

Estate of Dulce Gould

Estate of Roman M. Babicki

Timex Group Canada

Estate of Camillo Silvestri

Estate of Judith A. Grant

Estate of Laura Belacca


Estate of Frank William Taylor

TOGETHER AGAIN In June, we celebrated our five-year Leading for Peace project virtually in Toronto and Bogotá. We also gathered in person with members of the Equality Collective. Pictured above (from left) director of youth leadership and policy advocacy Anjum Sultana, CEO Lindsay Glassco and youth ambassador Rhea Gosain. influencing a social transformation in the territories.” Karla, who is a rugby player, says she came away with the understanding she has a role to play in creating a sense of harmony and showing empathy. “When you encourage these values, you weave a sense of peace in your surroundings.” CELEBRATING OUR COLLECTIVE VOICE For the first time in two years, we gathered in person with members of the Equality Collective. “It was a chance to share our gratitude for their support and for members to hear inspiring updates from one of our youth ambassadors,” explains Catherine Chalmers, vice president of philanthropy at Plan International Canada.

Estate of Constance E. Hoyte

Estate of Brian Robert Bennett

Jon and Maureen Van Loon

Estate of Mary Carol Teeter

Estate of Gerrit Pieter Jongejan

Estate of Margaret Bennett

Lynda Ward

joined by Yulieth, Yori and Karla – three of the 155,000 people who participated in the peace-building project – who shared how the project changed their lives. There is one phrase that captures it, said Yulieth, a law student: “Power has nothing to do with your sex. Power comes from knowledge.” For Yori, a community organizer, it’s this: “I am now secure in knowing that I am capable of

Estate of Roderick Anderson Dundas Todd

Estate of Shirley Kirby

Estate of Alice Bittner

Michael J. Waring/Kids in Class Fund

your legacy, please contact the Planned Giving team at legacy@plancanada.ca.

Estate of Carol and Dave Koop

Estate of Josephine Black

Estate of Nadine Towell

Warner Music Canada

Estate of Karen Lightstone

Estate of Linda Gael Blackhall

Estate of Lynne Troscinski

Mary Watson

Estate of Orval Dale Lillies

Estate of Joyce Buchanan

Estate of Gudrun Vernaleken

Dr. Carol A. White

Estate of Diana Mackenzie

Estate of Elizabeth Anne Campbell

Estate of Petronella Cornelia Leys Visbach

Lori Wood


Estate of Jean B. Macleod

Estate of Mary Campbell

Work for All

Estate of Norman H. Wagner

Estate of Brian Martin

Estate of Virginia P. Carver

Sharon Woronuk

Estate of Diane Louise White

Estate of Donald W. Middleton

Estate of Gloria Jean Davies

“The participants talked about wanting to get an education, but it was so they could help their community. That inspired us.” – George Loewen and Clara Anderson, supporters

Anonymous – 5 donors

Estate of Alan Wilden

Estate of Marjorie Yvette Muir

Estate of Mavis De Girolamo

Estate of L. Alan Willis

Estate of Margaret Mullin

Estate of Joan Edgar

While we endeavour to maintain accurate records, if we have omitted or included you in error, please accept our apologies and connect with us at 1-800-387-1418.

Estate of David M. Wold

Estate of Robert E. Murray

Estate of David George Evans


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