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EMBEDDED STORYTELLERS A powerful local point of view

When Tanyaradzwa’s school became aware of her situation, they connected her with Plan International’s Adolescent Girls & Young Women project, which arranged to pay her tuition and for her to move into the boarding facility across the road from the school. “My grandparents were always worried about the distance I walked to school,” she says. “They feared that I would be raped or abused along the way, so they were happy when I moved into the boarding facility.” SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENTS Tanyaradzwa was able to focus on her schoolwork, and because the boarding home had electricity, she could study into the evening. Plus, she had easy access to teachers when she faced challenges or needed motivation. Last November, Tanyaradzwa sat for her A-level examinations; she scored 12 points – the best result at her school. “If I hadn’t been empowered with information on sex, I don’t think I would be where I am today,” she says. “I probably would have given in to peer pressure. Those lessons helped me make the right decisions about my life.” SHARING HER KNOWLEDGE Tanyaradzwa now gets invited to speak to students at her former school. With a big smile, she shares her personal story with them – including the empowered learnings and

knowledge about HIV prevention, that helped her to succeed. After she speaks, many of the students approach her to say that she has inspired them to complete their education and follow in her footsteps. ACCOUNTING FOR THE FUTURE It’s Tanyaradzwa’s dream to go to university to study to become an accountant. “When I have completed my education, I want to help others who are in my situation,” she says. Her grandfather has since passed away, so she knows it will be hard to get funds, but she’s undeterred. “My dream is to build a better house for my grandmother,” she says. “I know that the day I do this, my grandfather, who has now passed, will be smiling down on me from heaven.” Footnote: Today, Tanyaradzwa is studying at the University of Zimbabwe. #perseverance

PHOTO ESSAY WALK THE WALK Photography: Joshua Kumunda/Media Zone

TOP ROW, CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Tanyaradzwa’s day begins with preparing the morning meal over the kitchen fire; Tanyaradzwa stands outside the rural school she attended in Zimbabwe’s Midlands Province; MIDDLE ROW: Tanyaradzwa with with Filomina Chiriga, a parent-child communication facilitator at Plan International Zimbabwe, who teaches students about sexual health BOTTOM ROW: Tanyaradzwa prepares for her interview with Plan International Canada; Tanyaradzwa does chores outside their home; a happy moment shared with her grandmother.

At Plan International Canada, we’re changing how we tell stories about our work. In 2022, we launched our Embedded Storytellers pilot program. It involves working with local videographers, photographers and writers alongside our Plan International colleagues in the countries in which we operate. Tanyaradzwa’s story and the mosquito-net story (on page 45) were created by the talented team ofvideographer Kingston Musanhu, photographer Joshua Kumunda and writer Patricia Mabviko. “As locals, we are familiar with the experiences the participants are going through or have endured,” says Musanhu. “We also understand cultural, social and political dimensions that non-locals wouldn’t be able to relate to or articulate. A local perspective provides a powerful voice.”


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