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Live births attended by health personnel

• Had community health volunteers make home visits to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination against childhood illnesses • Improved vaccination tracking through digital birth registration • Shared messages on how to get vaccinated and why it’s important through campaigns held during regular Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Week celebrations • Trained birth attendants to inform women in mothers’ support groups about the benefits of giving birth in health facilities • Provided advanced training for health workers on maternal and newborn health, including safe deliveries and protocols for complications • Equipped health facilities with delivery beds and examination tools • Had community health workers conduct household visits to new mothers • Raised awareness about the importance of postnatal care during discussion groups • Increased the number of birth attendants at health facilities and provided training on essential newborn care



Women who received prenatal care four times during pregnancy


55% 73%

Children vaccinated against measles



How we made it happen

• Provided adolescent girls and young

women with information on delaying the age of first pregnancy and accessing health reproductive services and created inclusive resources and environments

Mothers and babies who received postnatal care (PNC)



• Engaged male partners attending Fathers Clubs to challenge gender norms and support the women both during and after pregnancy • Assigned birth attendants to health facilities

A woman receives prenatal care in Senegal

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